A Spanish Dining Concept That Caters to Everyone


Tapas Club is the birth of Spain’s sophisticated delicacy to the wider public, offering authentic flavours from the Iberian Peninsula. Helmed by Executive Chef Jose Angel Alonso, Tapas Club presents diners with an exquisite palate and creativity with the richness of classic Spanish flavours.

Chef Alonso believes in serving Spanish cuisine that is close to his heart. A unique cuisine which is much perceived as a fine-dining concept, he envisions to offer these special Spanish flavours at a much affordable pricing in a premium restaurant setting.

Having already established a foothold in Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Tapas Club is already a household name in fine-dining, with competitive plans to further expand within the Asian region to spread the good name of Spanish cuisine.

With Chef Alonso’s immense wealth of experience in the art of Spanish cuisine in Spain and the Asian region, you can expect to indulge in a wide variety of Spanish dishes which are of the highest standards, made available at only Tapas Club.



Having established a culinary foundation at Hotel Echaurren in Spain, Executive Chef Jose Alonso further honed his culinary skills over a 10-year period, working with many celebrity chefs, including Michelin Award Winning Sergi Arola, Francis Paniego and Spain’s most celebrated chef, Santi Santamaria.

Drawing from his work experience, Chef Alonso believes in serving cuisine that remains true to its Spanish roots and is prepared using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Like so many cutting edge chefs, Chef Alonso cooks to invite and believes in respecting the produce.

As the Executive Chef of Binomio Spanish Restaurant, Chef Alonso was honoured with an invitation as the hosting chef at the renewed World Gourmet Summit 2016 to showcase and provide diners with sensational Spanish spread that upheld the richness of Spaniard tradition. In addition to his portfolio, Chef Alonso curated a 5-day Spanish gastronomic journey in the newly refurbished Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur where Spanish creations were handcrafted to culinary excellence and enjoyed by many.

Chef Alonso will continue to bring his exquisite palate and creativity to Tapas Club as the Executive Chef, a role in which he delights guests with the richness of authentic Spanish flavours.



Ruben started his career as early as in 2005, joining the Barcelona Tourism & Hospitality school. He begun working at Drolma, one of the most emblematic Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona, to pay his school fees. Gradually he ascended both at work, to Assistant Manager position, and at school as well, getting the Sommelier’s Diploma.

His passion for hospitality led him to work with many Michelin star chefs around Europe, including Ferran Adria (Spain) and Pierre Gagnaire (England). He has gained over the years vast management experience in different areas, ranging from service and staff to beverage management,

Singapore’s Catalunya Restaurant soon became his new challenge. He opened this emblematic Spanish place with a team in majority precedent from El Bulli, managing the place and bringing the best of Spain to Asia.

Always striving to learn and master new skills, after a few years he decided to try his luck with an American celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck, joining the management team of CUT: one of chef’s strongest brands in Asia. Starting with beverage management, in short time he raised to the position of Assistant General Manager.